Dirty Fire Project
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Dirty Fire Project
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Subspec Records
Josh from Xynthetic's new project with Rob from Component Recs. Serving up high quality DJ-oriented dance music rooted in Techno, Breaks and Electro. Dirty Fire Project appear on their debut compilation "Promo Econo" with the track "Aurora Null". Come check it out!

Subspec Records

Xynthetic Records
Our beloved Internet-based netlabel, Xynthetic. Sadly they've reached the end of their releases and Josh and Graeme have gone on to other things.

Xynthetic Records Myspace

The Automatic Heart
What M.J.Langley gets up to when he's not in dFp.

The Automatic Heart Myspace

Angina P
Purveyor of fine, crystal IDM and sci-fi breaks, she also writes game soundtracks and has just released an excellent debut album on Notochord.

Angina P Myspace

Phylum Sinter
Ambience, breaks, awesome electronica. Might I highly recommend that you check out Phylum Sinter. DFP recently remixed his track "Beside You Through The Wires Forever" for his latest album released on Xynthetic later this year.

Phylum Sinter Myspace
DJ EbonyFae EbonyFae is a London-based DJ specialising in dark electronica (and she's a big DFP fan :D ). She has recently started the Electric Dust club night at the Purple Turtle, Camden Town.

DJ EbonyFae Myspace
Electric Dust Myspace

Dirty Fire Project page for Dirty Fire Project. (possibly dead now)

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