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25th January 2012
Dirty Fire Project track "Aurora Null" appearing on Subspec's debut compilation

From their site http://subspec.com:

"Subspec will be a digital music label focusing on DJ-oriented, beat-driven electronic music... in a nutshell we intend to focus on Techno, Breaks, and Electro and various subgenres of each.
Subspec is a new label collaboration between Rob Galbraith (Component Records) and Josh Garrett (Xynthetic Music / Netlabel)."

I am proud to announce that a new Dirty Fire Project track called "Aurora Null" has been selected to be part of Subspec's debut compilation.

You can hear the label demo at their soundcloud on http://soundcloud.com/subspec-music/sets/label-demo/. Due to a slight mix up, this currently includes a draft version of another new Dirty Fire Project track called "After The Fire". This still needs some work on it but I hope you like how it's sounding so far :)

Subspec web: http://subspec.com
Subspec facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SubspecMusic
Subspec soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/subspec-music/


10th November 2011
Dirty Fire Project tracks on SoundCloud.com

Well that all took far too long. dFp is back, sorry about the gap in service!

Sad to see Xynthetic.com cease functioning, but positive about a new label... more news soon.

Meantime, previous Dirty Fire Project tracks can be found at http://www.soundcloud.com/dirty-fire-project. Tracks from both EPs can be found there plus a remix or two... This is all for A) simple access and B) there will be new stuff soon! Already got one rendered draft sorted and there will be more. MORE I SAY.


17th December 2009
Breaking The Robot EP Released!

XSN037 - Dirty Fire Project - Breaking the Robot

Xynthetic have just released dFp's new EP "Breaking The Robot" (see below.) It's been a long time coming and Mouse promises that he won't take so long next time :)

Mouse is taking a short break over Christmas after which he will be working on new material for another EP. Some ideas already down for this... watch this space. You can keep track of progress by looking out for Dirty Fire Project bulletins on MySpace, or by following the development blog on www.dirtyfireproject.com (RSS available)

Dirty Fire Project's new EP "Breaking The Robot" is available as a free digital download from Xynthetic Records.

  Dirty Fire Project
XSN037: Breaking The Robot EP

From Xynthetic... "dFp returns to Xynthetic Netlabel with a new EP in the unique dFp style. This latest EP 'Breaking the Robot' mixes straight-ahead Techno with classic IDM, Industrial overtones and driving beats. This is a solid follow up to the popular 'Too Many Teeth' EP."

The EP features six tracks, running 31 mins.:
1. The Chain  4. Genk
2. Link  5. Make Me
3. Toxic  6. Breaking The Robot

(photo by Diana Danzo)


1st October 2009
Tracks ready for new EP

Been working hard lately finishing off six tracks for a new Xynthetic EP release... Better late than never ;)

The tracks are now finished and they will be making their way over to Josh and Graeme at Xynthetic later today... Here we go again!


1st October 2009
dFp Remix of "The Inside" by The Unknownn

mouse:dFp has remixed one of his favourite tracks by The Unknownn - "The Inside". Check it out on The Unknownn's Myspace blog page.


2nd August 2009
HyperCoast added to MySpace player

For those of you who might have missed it on Xynthetic's "Second Statement" album (free download), I've put the dFp contribution track "HyperCoast" up on the player, taking distinct advantage of MySpace allowing a few extra songs...


1st May 2009
dFp track released on Phylum Sinter's new album "From Unity To Segmentation"

All new Dirty Fire Project remix of "Beside You Through The Wires" available on Phylum Sinter's album "From Unity To Segmentation", out now on n5MD/Enpeg.

From Enpeg's site...

"Phylum Sinter's newest release "from unity to segmentation" was brought to us here at n5MD/Enpeg via our friends at the Xynthetic Label. After hearing it we jumped at the chance to release such a great record. Imagining Lunatic Harness era -ziq juxtaposed against the beatbending and padwork of label-mate Proem would not be such a stretch. We're even hearing some early Funckarma reflections behind all of it as well. Some very well written and executed IDM from this rising talent from Detroit."


12th April 2009
New dFp track "HyperCoast" released as part of Xynthetic's "Second Statement" compilation - free to download.

Second Statement - XSN029
Xynthetic Netlabel is very pleased to announce the release of our latest compilation: "Second Statement"
XSN029 cover
The release contains 15 tracks of hi-quality electronic music across a spectrum of grooves and styles.

Enjoy... :)

21st October 2008
Finally managed to get my studio back up and online. As a direct result of that and also sorting out some problems I was having (see below), I've got a really good draft of another track for the EP!

"Toxic" is now available on the Dirty Fire Project Myspace Player.

I've recently tried to upgrade the PC I do music on, including getting a proper sound card for it instead of relying on the onboard Realtek chipset. However I've had to fight to get any sort of performance out of it as the latency was massive (> 100ms) and things were just sounding completely wrong (even if games were sounding fine). One new version of Asio4All later, followed by reducing the buffer size (counter-intuitively) and the latency is holding at around 21ms which is just fine! Also, with this track there was some kind of problem with the arp synth line spazzing out occasionally and hitting a note at maximum velocity on a change. Finally narrowed it down to a difference between two settings for the LFO synchronisation - one for some kind of MIDI clock that is internal to the synth and another that takes the signal from the host (Ableton Live). The problem hasn't completely gone away, but it has made it miles better! Had to try things like separating out the arp synth in the break to a different channel and starting it early but enveloping the volume until it's official "trigger" time. And still it seems that it's pot luck whether the problem will happen at render time. Most annoying.

However, I'm really pleased with the track. Points awarded if you can tell what two sci-fi programmes some of the samples come from ;)


26th September 2008
Okay, been busy with the rig I used for "The Chain", and I've come up with a track to follow it on the EP.

"Link" is now available on the Dirty Fire Project Myspace Player.

It's quite techno but descends into a dubstep-hybrid track! I rather like it :)


14th July 2008
Electric Dust Club night
Well done to DJ EbonyFae for hosting the first Electric Dust club night at the Purple Turtle in Camden Town last night. Timing couldn't have been better, after catching up with a friend from waaaay back I walked into the Turtle just as "Never Been To Tokyo" was playing :D The rest of the night was filled with glow spinners, dark electronic and industrial, some both quirky and great choices from all over the spectrum. There was also a burlesque show (though personally it didn't look that burlesque to me) and Nitrocide played a wicked set. I caught up with him later on and with any luck we'll bump into each other at Glade next week for some muddy mayhem :)

Top night, congrats and I hope that it's the beginning of a nice, regular event :D


6th July 2008
"The Chain" Preview
I've been working on a revamped version of a track that I originally made to start practicing with side chaining effects and compression - "The Chain" is the result. It's been on the trig.com player for a while but I've made quite a few improvements and I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out. A preview of the track is now available on our Myspace player


29th June 2008
Artwork for "Breaking The Robot"
Here's a preview of the artwork photography for the forthcoming EP "Breaking The Robot".
It was taken by the excellent Barcelona-based photographer Diana Danzo as part of her "In The Factory" sequence. I picked it because I love the textures and the industrial element... I think it sums up a lot of how I feel about how DFP is sounding and the image itself has proved to be a great inspiration (it's been gracing my desktop for a few months now and I love it more each time I see it.)
Photo - Diana Danzo

29th June 2008
"Breaking The Robot" Preview
A preview of the title track from the new Dirty Fire Project EP "Breaking The Robot" is now available on our Myspace player - come check it out!


26th May 2008
RSS Feed Added
I've added an RSS feed for this site, so y'all can keep tabs on what's going on :)
Blatantly procrastinated a few hours writing a tool that I can upload articles with, but it should make the whole process easy as possible to update the site.
Let me know if you get any problems with the RSS feed ...


26th May 2008
DFP's First Flyer!
Dirty Fire Project make it onto their first flyer!
Thanks to DJ EbonyFae for mentioning DFP on the flyer for the Electric Dust event happening on Sunday 13th July 2008 at the Purple Turtle in Camden Town, London. It's a dark electronica night set apart from the run of the mill industrial and EBM style nights indicative of the Camden scene, with multimedia acts, performances, poi spinners and pole dancers. I'm *so* there.


25th May 2008
EP Blog 1 - Breaking The Robot

Right. This is my first blog about the making of the new EP. It's going to be titled "Breaking The Robot" and it'll be coming out on Xynthetic. When? Not quite sure yet, but this blog is hopefully going to be prodding me to get the work done :)

I've got a rough tracklist worked out but these things are just bound to change. However, the EP is based around an idea and that, with any luck, will encompass the individual tracks and give the whole thing a sort of one-y mungeness, if you know what I mean. Not a problem if you don't :)

So far, I've been working on two tracks. "Gravity Forest" is the working title of the first, although that's blatantly a case of a title looking for a song, it may not remain so named for very long. I was in an amazingly bad mood on Monday night and I managed to direct it into getting a draft of a track down in Live using my new Akai controller (MPD32). It's kind of moochey, play-with-your-head style and a little bit like "Fuff" (from the first EP) in feel. Very early days for this track so it'll probably change massively :)

The other thing I've been working on is a new version of the title track, "Breaking The Robot". I put the original tune together a long time ago and there were always some bits which didn't quite sit right. So they've gone, basically. I'm aiming to make this into an industial-techno tune, and from how things have gone today when playing with it, I think I've got a chance of doing that :D All said and done, the title track has got to be good (note that there was no title track on the previous EP, but I guess it would probably have been "Never Been To Tokyo" based on people's reaction to it). Work is on-going, but I'm liking the chance to dust this track off and re-forge its elements...

Many of my ideas for tracks that are included in my notional list of candidates are currently residing in FruityLoops, so I'm going to be spending a lot of time converting these into Live sessions (where appropriate), so that I've got an eye towards mixing in Live and being able to do a live set with a reduced amount of software.

So, I've started. So, I'll finish.

Stay tuned, there'll be more to follow :)


18th May 2008
Beside You Through The Wires remix now available

The dFp remix of Phylum Sinter's track "Beside You Through The Wires, Forever" is now available on our MySpace and Trig.com music players. It's about the darkest, most breakbeat thing we've done :D Enjoy!

The track will feature on Phylum Sinter's forthcoming album "From Unity To Segmentation" on Xynthetic Records. For more information about the album, see Phylum Sinter's mini site at Xynthetic.

Keep an eye out for announcements about the album release and the next EP release from dFp!

7th February 2008
Dirty Fire Project interview by Phylum Sinter

Phylum Sinter interviews mouse:dFp about the remix, music, why country and western must die and pandas.

Exclusive preview of Dirty Fire Project's remix of Phylum Sinter's "Beside You Through The Wires Forever" at the end of the interview!


Okay, we lied about the pandas.


19th December 2007
Xynthetic launch Phylum Sinter album mini-site

In Xynthetic's words...
From Unity to Segmentation mini-site

We've launched a mini-site for Phylum Sinter's upcoming release "From Unity to Segmentation" at: http://www.xynthetic.com/segmentation/
C.Todd will be updating the mini-site / blog himself with news, progress, and thoughts related to his upcoming release as Phylum Sinter entitled "From Unity to Segmentation" which will be released as XDR006 on our digital retail line (available through Beatport, iTunes, etc...)

Dirty Fire Project have remixed one of Phylum Sinter's tracks and will be included on the album. Check back on the mini-site for interviews and samples!

15th October 2007
Previously unreleased tracks available on Trig.com
Dirty Fire Project's Trig.com page is now hosting a load of tracks from dFp's infancy and from mouse's scrapbook of ideas to develop. We can heartily recommend Trig.com as an alternative networking site. There's a nice community of electronic artists on there (the page music players are excellent) and plenty to browse through. Trig.com also support gigs and festivals, but they haven't really happened over here in the UK yet and that's a damn shame. Come visit dFp at Trig and vote for tracks that you like.

3rd July 2007
FLAC versions of Too Many Teeth tracks available
Xynthetic Records are now offering FLAC (loss-less compression) versions of the tracks from Too Many Teeth (Fuff, Examination, Lament and Never Been To Tokyo). They are available for digital download at Xynthetic's Shop for the princely sum of a dollar each or the entire EP for 3 dollars! :D

28th April 2007
News from Xynthetic (April 28th 2007)
"Dirty Fire Project's EP - Too Many Teeth has been getting nothing but stellar feedback since it's release just over a week ago! This is our most popular release since Statement Of Purpose!!!!!

This was released 8 days ago and so far - we've had 144 downloads!!!! We are VERY happy to present this amazing EP of material. It's hard to find an indie label that will sell 144 copies of a release in 8 days!"

24th April 2007
Review from Electronic Music World (4 1/2 out of 5)

"Due out very very soon now is this release by Dirty Fire Project. Let's call it dirty downtempo/electronica with a groovy edge. Only Examination stands out in style, giving it a slightly more aggressive feeling. Funny enough, my attention for this release was mainly triggered by the last track, NeverBeenToTokyo. That track is simply so amazing, even if the rest of the release had sounded like Britney Spears, I'd still given it a 4-star rating! Luckily, the rest of the release also sounds incredible, so this is a big fat recommendation to go download this release as soon as it is available!!!!"

22nd April 2007
Debut EP Released!
Dirty Fire Project's debut EP is now available as a free digital download from Xynthetic Records and we'll be posting bulletins with news and when new tracks are available.

Dirty Fire Project - too Many teeth EP (XSN008 Xynthetic Records 2007)  Dirty Fire Project
XSN008: too Many teeth EP

A debut EP filled with beat-driven, electronic IDM, merging metallic glitch with atmospheric melodies.

The EP features four tracks, running 21 mins.:
  1. Fuff
  2. Examination
  3. Lament
  4. Never Been to Tokyo

Xynthetic Records
For more information and download links, please see the Xynthetic Release Page

19th Feb 2007
EP Release News
Xynthetic Records to release Dirty Fire Project EP in April 2007. Check the forum for details!



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